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Area Code 647 Details
Major CityToronto
Time ZoneEastern (UTC-05:00)

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By swati 2 days, 7 hours ago
this is a scamming co, they scammed my friend of money, they target immigrants, looking for jobs. they pick up resumes from job sites etc., and then promise you high paying jobs,...
By apr 1 week ago
just would like to know who this number belongs to, they keep calling ...
By Susan Azzopardi 1 week, 1 day ago
I get a call at least three times a day from this number. I have returned the call and it always says the number is not available. I would like to block it from my phone.
By Anonomous 2 weeks, 3 days ago
This guys called me and said he is calling from ResumeCollection.com and tried to verify my address info which had not all the details. I called back and he has only distrub...
By Bruce 2 weeks, 6 days ago
I Google "no Jets t.o. Facebook" and was brought to their Facebook page where I left a message asking for a number or email address that I can use to request that they do not call...
By asif 3 weeks, 3 days ago
647-702-2744 Scammer !! Sells stolen cell phones & stolen computers, and fake concert tickets, also has ties with house break- ins, and distribution of child p**n fake concert...
By Oie on 13/3/14
Hang up - no one there.
By Lucy on 12/3/14
This number keeps calling I don't answer who is it
By Annie on 12/3/14
Got also a call but I don't know anybody in Ontario. Glad I didn't answer.
By Pixie on 9/3/14
Calling daily sometime2x's a day. Only lets phone ring 4x's. GET A LIFE and stop calling me.
By For Yves Masse: on 7/3/14
You should not put personal information (as stated in the guidelines for posting) on this website. Now anyone who reads your post can call your phone number. Perhaps you might try...
By LaRry H. on 7/3/14
broken english, reciting a script about my computer license (which are all completely legal). I claimed I worked for the FBI and they hung up.
By S on 7/3/14
Caller didn't say anything and hung up after 10 seconds. Less than a minute later got a call from a different number saying they were returning my call (and I hadn't touched my...
By Terri Pendi on 6/3/14
I did not pick up the phone as I did not recognize the number. When I called it through google voice, it did identify as a SURVEY, but that it had expired a few seconds just after...
By Kezia on 5/3/14
Yeah, I'm being pestered by these jerks, too. Spoofing/hiding behind yet another unassigned 647-556-xxxx number. My phone is programmed to hang up automatically on unknown and...
By John McCormack on 5/3/14
I am receiving calls from this number at all hours of the day and night. Nobody responds when I pick up. If I call back, I get a message that "this account is blocked"
By daky on 5/3/14
foursquare receipt for 44.00 to Emire, Inc. Never hear of them nor did I make a purchase with a foursquare reader.
By dumber than most on 4/3/14
lets all ban together out here on the web and find these idiots and bomb the hell out of where they live !!
By Torontorian on 28/2/14
Called on 28-feb-2014 at 18:40. Didn't answer
I'm w fido. I have been getting a number of calls from numbers starting w 647-835 (which is from fido cell).

I never answer :)
By Eve on 27/2/14
This number is calling me every day! No voice messages, nothing...
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